We're thrilled you're considering joining us for Wonderfruit 2024, a celebration of art, music, and sustainability. Before you begin your application, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). These FAQs contain essential information about being a vendor at Wonderfruit, including eligibility criteria, requirements and important dates. Understanding these basics will help ensure a smooth and successful application process.


When and where does Wonderfruit take place?
This year, Wonderfruit will take place from Thursday 12 December at 4pm to Monday 16 December at 12pm in The Fields at Siam Country Club in Chonburi, Thailand.

What does Wonderfruit look for vendors?
At Wonderfruit, we have a deep appreciation for food as a connection to both mind and nature. It transcends mere sustenance, embodying ingredients, impact, creation, culture and ecology—all woven into the evocative stories behind the flavors experienced in The Fields.

Our search for vendors is guided by our shared values. We are looking for those who, like us, are passionate about sustainable practices, sourcing locally, crafting homemade delicacies and accommodating dietary preferences such as vegetarian and vegan.

It's important to know that Wonderfruit employs a strict no-logo policy. However, we encourage all vendors to infuse their booths with creativity, contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of Wonderfruit. We prefer decorations made from sustainable materials, aligning with our steadfast commitment to environmental consciousness.

We believe that together, we can create a culinary experience that respects our planet and nourishes our guests.

Are there products I am not allowed to sell?
We have strict guidelines to ensure a diverse and harmonious vendor environment. Prior approval is necessary for all products you intend to sell. Upon submitting your menu, our team will review it and notify you of any unsuitable items for sale during Wonderfruit.

Fresh coconuts or packaged coconut water, alcoholic beverages or any other beverage sold at Wonderfruit bars are prohibited for sale by the vendors.

It is forbidden to sell any product categorized as narcotics, as well as cannabis, kratom or any derivatives. Selling illegal substances will result in immediate booth closure and a fine.

All food containers and cutlery must be compostable and made from paper, wood, cardboard or leaves. Plastic straws and plastic-wrapped items are banned, and bio-plastics are not permitted as a replacement.

Additionally, Wonderfruit bans single-use cups of any kind. Vendors cannot offer or serve in single-use cups, and attendees must bring their own refillable cups when ordering drinks. Plastic-wrapped food items are also prohibited.

How much does it cost to be a vendor at Wonderfruit?
The cost of being a vendor at Wonderfruit includes a rental fee, which varies depending on the booth's location and a percentage of the sales made during the festival. Selected applicants will receive more detailed pricing information.

Are there minimum operating days and hours?
To guarantee the best experience for attendees, all vendors must operate for a minimum of 12 hours each day. Furthermore, only vendors who commit to staying open until noon on Monday will be positioned in the highest footfall area. For vendors desiring placement in the wellness area, operation from 8am onwards is mandatory.

What does the vendor booth look like? What will Wonderfruit provide?
As a food vendor at Wonderfruit, you'll be provided with a covered booth measuring 3.6x2.4m, a front counter, and booth signage with a maximum of 20 characters. Renderings of the booth will be communicated at a later date.

You'll also receive staff accreditations, the quantity of which varies based on several factors, and two vehicle passes for accessing the vendor parking area. 

The booth includes a 16AMP single-phase electricity hookup, and an upgrade option is available if needed. A provided lightbulb will facilitate lighting, although vendors are responsible for their own lighting installation.

Additionally, you'll have access to a 300L ice box and a POS device with a charger.

How can I adorn my booth? What strategies can I employ to enhance my brand presence?
While we strictly prohibit the display of logos on any materials (including menus, uniforms, tableware, signage, and any other promotional or operational materials), we encourage all vendors to leverage creative signage and decor to capture attention. Consider vibrant banners, hand-painted murals, or artistic installations that embody the ethos of your brand and the essence of Wonderfruit. Though challenging, this policy ensures that the spotlight remains on the unique experiences and diverse offerings available at Wonderfruit.

Use your booth as a platform to educate attendees about sustainable food practices and ethical sourcing. Showcase informative posters or multimedia presentations that highlight the environmental and social impact of your ingredients and production methods.

Empower your staff to serve as enthusiastic brand ambassadors, engaging with attendees in a welcoming and informative manner. Please encourage them to share narratives about your products, ingredients, and sustainability initiatives to craft a lasting and genuine impression.

Can I use my own food truck / trailer?
Yes, you can use your own food truck or trailer at Wonderfruit. However, please note that there are limited spots available for these. Additionally, all logos must be removed from the truck or trailer to comply with our branding guidelines.

Can I share a kiosk with another vendor?
No, sharing booths is strictly prohibited at Wonderfruit. Each vendor is allocated their own dedicated space for the duration of the event.

What forms of payment are permitted for vendors at Wonderfruit?
We operate on a cashless system only. This means that payments in cash, card, transfer, or any other method apart from the RFID system are strictly prohibited. Vendors must utilize the point-of-sale (POS) system provided to process all transactions and collect payments from attendees' RFID wristbands.

Is there anything else I should know about before applying?
As part of our commitment to sustainability, Wonderfruit mandates that vendors adhere to specific waste sorting guidelines. In alignment with our eco-conscious ethos, each vendor is equipped with four designated trash cans. These bins facilitate the separation of waste into distinct categories: food waste, non-recyclables, recyclables, and food containers. By actively participating in this waste sorting process, vendors play a crucial role in minimizing environmental impact and promoting responsible waste management practices throughout The Fields.

Vendors will receive a designated number of RFID wristbands for their staff. It's the vendor's responsibility to ensure proper use of allocated wristbands, as each is linked to an individual and cannot be exchanged or resold. Violations of wristband policies may result in fines equivalent to the price of a ticket at the gate.

Using the Wonderfruit logo, name or images on any goods or promotional material is strictly prohibited. This restriction extends to social media, websites and press coverage unless pre-approved by the Wonderfruit Marketing department.

When will I know if I have been selected as a vendor?
All applicants, whether selected or not, will be informed via email by the end of September. Throughout the selection process, we may also contact applicants if additional information is required for clarification.

How do I get more stock during live dates?
Vendors have specific procedures in place to restock during the event.

Water and ice must be purchased from Wonderfruit exclusively and will be delivered directly to the vendors' booths.
To transport supplies from the Vendor's HQ to their booths, Wonderfruit offers a car service to the vendors at fixed times of the day. Alternatively, for larger items, vendors can request a Drop & Go pass, permitting them to briefly enter the site with their vehicle for this purpose.

This year, we're also exploring the option of allowing a selected supplier to deliver directly to The Fields. This means vendors won't need to leave the site if they require additional supplies, reducing traffic and supporting vendors' operations. Further information on this arrangement will be provided at a later date.

Where can my team and I stay during the festival?
Camping at the vendor booth is strictly prohibited at Wonderfruit. However, general camping spots are available for THB 1,000 per person. If you prefer to stay at a nearby hotel, we recommend booking your accommodations well in advance, as prices increase closer to the start date of Wonderfruit.

What if the weather is bad?
Wonderfruit is a rain-or-shine event. Unless the weather poses a genuine danger, the event will proceed as scheduled.

Any other questions?
Reach out to us at or on Line @WonderfruitEats 


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